Technical Specifications

  • Electro-Mechanical (Motorized) ICU Bed Actuator Overall Length – 2100MM- 2200MM
  • Overall Width 1000MM- 1050MM
  •  Chosen for Excellence
  • Standard Specifications
  • Maximum Adjustable Back Rest Angle in Degree =0 – 70 Degree Maximum Adjustable Knee rest angle in degree = 0- 40 Degree Maximum Trendelenburg angle in degree is 20
  • Maximum reverse Trendelenburg angle in degree is 20
  • Super smooth Crank screw Mechanism & Hydraulic Mechanism for height
  • Clearance between Bed Base Frame & Floor Surface is 120MM Mechanism for functioning or controlling angular motion of bed and Height of bed is Electro-Mechanical (Motorized)
  • Bed Top Perforated
  • Bed should have radio translucent top (X-Ray Translucent) Collapsible Type Side panel with 4 Number
  • D-Type Shape of Head & Foot Panel Board

Standard Specifications

  • Four No of hooks provided in IV Rod
  • Degree Angle & height Indicator shall be provided at both foot & head side One Side X-Ray film holder used
  • Power of Motor is 0.5 HP
  • Availability of patient constraint belt provided on both side of bed. 2 Number of Castor is provided for braking system
  • Safe working load capacity of ICU Bed is 250kg
  • Mattress Provided with ICU bed with x-ray translucent to allow radiography using portable X-Ray Machines with high resilient and Biodensity foam
  • Therapeutic Weight of limit of mattress is 175kgs
  • Power Supply is Single Phase 230 volts,50Hz (AC Supply)
  • Facility of Resettable overcurrent breaker shall be fitted for protection
  • Conformity to standard for safety & electromagnetic compatibility IEC-60601-1- 2:2001 Standard or IS -13450
  • Material of the frame of the bed is Mild Steel Material of side railing is ABS Plastic
  • Material of Head & Foot panel Board is ABS Plastic Material of Bed Top Section is ABS Plastic Material of Wheels is Polyester
  • Warranty of required product -5 Years Comprehensive Maintenance Duration (Post Warranty) -5 Years


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